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A picspam, and why not?! [27 Apr 2009|12:44am]

[ mood | tired ]

Just in case anyone is interested, I have put together a cracky sort of picspam as a guide to Des & Jack's relationship so far. There are spoilers for S1-5, and it is image heavy, but you're very welcome to come for a look-see!

Fake cut to picspam...


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BEFORE [24 Jan 2007|11:30pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Title: Before
Author/Artist: Gregoria44
Pairing: Desmond/Jack
Rating: 18 +
Wordcount: 2,072
Warnings: Spoilers for beginning of S2, incest fantasies.
Summary: How well does Desmond really know Jack?
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Lost, damnit.
A/N: Bit dark, again. What’s new? I’ve finished it late at night, so not sure about the ending. Let me know if you think it needs something more/less!

Staring down the short length of gun-barrel, Jack felt exposed and wrong-footed.Collapse )

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[31 Dec 2006|10:19am]

Title: My Own Personal Jesus Part 2
Pairing: Jack/Desmond
Fandom: Lost
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A swim in the forest turns into something a little more.

"He swam for a while, not caring, not thinking, just being one with the moment."
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[31 Dec 2006|10:17am]

Title: My Own Personal Jesus Part 1
Pairing: Jack/Desmond
Fandom: Lost
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 in the future)
Summary: Jack is wondering how Desmond knew Sarah would be saved.

“Can I ask you something Desmond?”
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Bitemarks&Bloodstains [16 Nov 2006|10:36am]

[ mood | bored ]

Pairing: Jack/Desmond
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: get_jackoff #12, Holding Cell
Spoilers: you wish (season 3 episode 1 spoiler warning).
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, I just pimp them out like the dirty whores they are.
Summary: Desmond and Jack do hard time.
Dedication & Thanks: kmousie, the best beta reader/flister on the planet.

Desmond leans against the cool cement wall, taking in his cellmate’s clean-cut appearance.

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[15 Oct 2006|04:40am]

TITLE: Saved
SUMMARY: All he ever wanted to do was save him. Jack/Desmond.
WORDS: 264

....Collapse )
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[18 Sep 2006|10:35pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey everyone! I hope people still post in this community because I am totally into this pairing. I thought Desmond and Jack had great chemistry since they first met in the stadium. Glad to be here!

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[24 May 2006|09:56am]


Your Own Special Song : A Desmond, Jack/Desmond Mix

A friend of mine told me to post this here. Because she apparently thinks I should be inflicted on the rest of the world. ;D
It's not the most serious of fanmixes, but if you enjoy a complete lack of sanity, this fanmix just may be for you. Heh.

(There's a promo picture for the season finale used in the artwork, if you're being wary of spoilers. It's not a big one or anything, but I figured I should let people know.)
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[10 May 2006|06:23pm]

[ mood | happy :) ]

Nothing's going on here, huh?

Just found this comm. again, and want you to remember that....

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Fic and a few icons [11 Oct 2005|06:54pm]

Hi! So happy to see a community like this finally exists! (I've been waiting for this since the second season premiered) Anyway, nice to meet you all :) I'm just making a quick post with a fic and a couple of Des icons. The fic is something I wrote in a hurry last night, and it was never meant to leave my drawer. But the world needs more Jack/Desmond, so I decided to publish it after all. My personal journal is for friends only, but feel free to add me, if you like :) I'm always happy to make new friends.

Title: All I know is You
Author: Yorda
Pairing: Light Jack/Desmond
Raiting: PG
Warnings: Spoilers throughout season two, possible errors, wee bit of fluff
Summary: Desmond's flight comes to an end

Notes: Please keep in mind that this was written in about 45 minutes, and was never meant to leave the black depths of my drawer. For some reason it's really hard for me to write in this fandom, but I'll just keep practising. I haven't written anything for several months, so this was just something to end the hiatus. Being kinda rusty, I'm not gonna dig very deep. This is merely my take on what could happen in the upcoming episodes (I wish).

(All I know is You)Collapse )

And here be the icons. Since they contain spoilers from ep. 1 and 2, I'll put them under a cut.

IconsesCollapse )
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Not lurking! You see? [08 Oct 2005|06:46pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

I write fic and make fan art. No promises, but if the inspiration's right...

To contribute what I have for now, here's another notable canon moment for us to dwell on blissfully:            The first moment that Desmond thinks that he may have met Jack before is when he's lying on his stomach looking back up at him while Jack's practically laying on top of him (at the begining of Orientation). The position must have been familiar to him... ; ) And Jack knew it too, so he turned Desmond's head away before it became even more obvious that they shared a memory of this. <3 de'ja' vu

Also, something sillier... just fun to think about while we wait for Desmond to show up again:  So, Desmond's looking for a safe place to hide from whatever (the 108-->0!danger) and he's also very swift, so false!logically he decides to hide within Jack's pants. Now, whenever Jack is upset, that means Desmond's off getting a drink of water or something, and when Jack's content...

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See you in the next life.. [08 Oct 2005|04:41pm]

I'm not really leaving any slash content, but I wanted to make my self known as a fan. I was so excited to actually stumble across this community. So, I am going to just introduce myself.

I'm a big fan of any slash, and I also have a thing for "sweaty, ranting, longish-haired Scotsmen", so this seems like just the community for me.

I hope to have a fic written soon, and possible a little piece of art to go along with it.
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Oh, brother! [08 Oct 2005|11:57am]

Having just discovered this community (and squeed myself silly over it), I thought I'd post a bit of an intro. Hope that's okay!

Cut for potentially spoiler-ish mentionsCollapse )

Sorry I don't have any actual slash material to share... I'm really rather hesitant about my slash writing abilities, and it usually takes me months to work up to producing any kind of fic. But this pairing has eaten my brain in a serious way, so who knows? Maybe I can turn something out. In the meantime I would love to read anything you guys know of or have written yourselves!

That's all the fangirl ramblings for now. Thanks for reading!
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